Nokia apparently confirms that the Windows Phone 7.8 update has been paused by Microsoft

Windows Phone 7.8 is supposed to be the consolation prize for people who bought a Windows Phone 7.x device not knowing that this branch of Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system would never get updated to WP8. WP 7.8 comes with the new start screen that’s also featured in WP8, and, in Microsoft’s thinking, should alleviate the pains of having pretty much obsolete devices for those stuck on WP 7.x. At least for a little while, since the company is clearly betting that most WP 7.x device owners will move on to either WP8 or whatever comes after that.

The rollout of the update to Windows Phone 7.8 has been rumored to have been temporarily halted by Microsoft itself. Last month we told you that Vodafone Germany told its customers this exact thing. And now CNET got confirmation from Nokia that this is in fact what’s happening. Furthermore, Nokia’s Russian arm tweeted the same in response to a user inquiry.


Without an official word from Microsoft, this is the best communication we’re bound to get. And unfortunately none of the aforementioned sources of this have said anything about what specifically has triggered the rollout’s pausing. But we have to assume it’s the widely discussed issues with the Live Tile functionality. Those tiles can randomly stop updating altogether, or, even worse, ‘bug out’ using huge amounts of mobile data – this having the potential to cost people dearly, depending on every person’s data plan, and it also drains the battery incredibly fast. Needless to say, these are big, ugly bugs that we’re amazed Microsoft’s quality assurance team didn’t catch while the update was in testing. But they’re probably working on fixing them now, so better late than never.


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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