[UPDATE: Image is fake, specs could be too] Motorola X Phone details, specs, and blurry image leaked?

Apparently today is a big day for leaks. After the supposed first images of the Samsung Galaxy S IV (or one of its variants) were outed earlier, now we get some alleged details about Motorola’s famous X Phone, along with a pretty blurry shot of a slide depicting its design. Or something along those lines, since it’s pretty hard to see much, except that it’s going to be a very square affair.

The X Phone has long been rumored as the first device to come out of Motorola under Google’s supervision. The search giant bought the ailing phone maker a while back, but ever since all the phones launched under the Motorola logo had already been ‘in the pipeline’ when that happened. So the X Phone brings us the promise of a Nexus-like experience, only made by Motorola. Something to really compete with the Galaxy S IV and the HTC One, if you will.

So color us disappointed if this rumor pans out. According to it, the X Phone will have an Nvidia Tegra 4i processor. That’s not the Tegra 4, mind you. The Tegra 4i was announced last month and is Nvidia’s first chipset that integrates an LTE modem. However, in terms of CPU and GPU performance, it’s not as great as the Tegra 4 (as that’s based on the newest ARM architecture, Cortex-A15, while the Tegra 4i uses the Cortex-A9 design that was popular in last year’s flagship phones). Of course this doesn’t mean that the Tegra 4i will be underpowered or unable to serve the X Phone’s needs well, but it won’t be ‘the cream of the crop’. Which is an odd decision for what has always been rumored to be the flagship device for Motorola this year.


Moving on, the Motorola X should also have a 4.7-inch 1080p Full HD touchscreen, just like the HTC One, but a bit smaller than the rumored 4.99-inch panel in the upcoming Galaxy S IV. A 16 MP camera will sit at the rear of the X Phone, and there will also be a 5 MP front camera (not the first one ever, but close enough – the Oppo Ulike 2 was the device to bring such a high-res camera to the masses last year). The front camera will apparently be used for quite a lot of eye tracking, with auto-scrolling Web pages and emails being explicitly mentioned. If this sounds familiar, it should – because that’s exactly the kind of tech that the Samsung Galaxy S IV has been rumored to employ.

The X Phone’s dimensions will be 131.2×66.7×7.9 mm, so it will be very slim. It’s also going to be overall much more compact than the HTC One that has the same screen size. Motorola’s offering will be about 5 mm less tall, and around 2 mm narrower than the HTC flagship, while also being more than 1 mm thinner. Motorola’s used some narrow bezels on this one, that’s for sure – following in the tradition of the Droid RAZR M / Droid RAZR i, perhaps.

Naturally though, everything you read above may just have come from someone’s imagination. The source here is an anonymous tipster, so be sure not to take any of this too seriously just yet.

Via Androidworld

[UPDATE] The image above is fake, according to Droid Life. Furthermore, the original post linked above has changed to announce this as well. As for the specs, well, they never made much sense anyway, so believe them only if you really must.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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