Acer will unveil its first phablet in June, could be cheaper than its competitors

These days, phablets (phone/tablet hybrids) are everywhere. And to think how easily some dismissed the original Samsung Galaxy Note as ‘simply too big’ when that launched… But, in the end, it managed to create a whole new niche out of nowhere, and now every phone maker out there is either making a phablet or two, or thinking about it.

Enter Acer. The Taiwanese company has so far released some pretty dull Android smartphones, except for a couple – the greatly designed CloudMobile comes to mind, for example. Still, its shipment volumes haven’t been much since its phones have lacked the wow factor, and they haven’t been available in many places either.


Acer will announce its first ever phablet in June during Computex, a well known tech fair held each year in Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan. Acer thinks there’s an opportunity for new entrants in the phablet space to position their offerings below the price range of existing devices. In other words, we should probably expect the Acer phablet to be cheaper than the competition.

The Acer phablet will have “special features in terms of size, camera, and software”, according to Jim Wong, Acer Corporate President. A second Acer phablet with big upgrades in certain components is to come by the end of 2013 or in early 2014.

Some forecasts say that phablet shipments are to make up an increasingly large part of overall smartphone sales over the coming years, so the interest of companies such as Acer in this niche is understandable.

Via Focus Taiwan

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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