Motorola X Phone gets new round of supposed leaked specs, some still sound fishy

Another day, another Motorola X rumor. Yesterday’s “leaked image” proved to be a fake (and we’re thankful that it did), and the specs that ‘got out’ then sounded quite fishy. Today we have a new bunch of rumored specs, and these sound rather implausible as well. Or let’s just say that some things don’t necessarily add up.

This apparently comes from a “well-placed individual” who gave Ausdroid some details about Motorola’s upcoming flagship smartphone, the one that’s been rumored to be the first one developed in cooperation with Google.


The Motorola X should have a 5-inch 1080p Full HD touchscreen. Yesterday’s “leak” spoke about a 4.7-inch panel, so that seems like a contradiction at first, but wait! Apparently Motorola is having issues sourcing 5-inch displays, and as such is looking at going the 4.7″ route if it has no choice.

Now let’s stop for a minute here. If this device is to be announced in May and launched in July, as we have previously heard, then surely Motorola should already know what size its screen will be. After all, a change in screen size affects the entire build of the phone. So this seems extremely hard to believe, that Moto would still be wondering which screen size to go for. There’s a small chance that such a conversation did exist inside the now Google-owned company, but that could have happened a while ago. Why then this is reported as going on right now is beyond us.

OK, so what about the processor? Yesterday there was talk of an Nvidia Tegra 4i which makes little sense for a flagship offering. But at least it’s quad-core. What would you say about a dual-core X phone? Well, that’s exactly what this source claims, that Motorola will use a dual-core Qualcomm CPU. Or will it? Apparently the Tegra 4i is still a possibility.

So at this point, Motorola still hasn’t decided on the chipset it will use in the X, nor on the screen size? Once more, incredibly hard to believe.

And then there’s the camera. It will be a 10 MP shooter, today’s rumor-mongerer says. That would be the first time a phone used that particular resolution. Which of course doesn’t mean this is impossible, but it’s a bit implausible. Why go for such an unused camera resolution? Who knows. Also, once again we hear that the front camera will be a 5 MP unit – and that makes a teeny tiny bit more sense.

Finally, we get some distribution details. Apparently Motorola will only sell the X in countries in which the biggest carrier’s order is at least 25,000 units. And the carriers have to ‘commit’ to selling at least as many phones. This undoubtedly helps Motorola cut some costs, but perhaps the company should finalize the device first, and only then ask for such commitments?

What grain of salt, have a truckload of the thing nearby for this one folks. And remember, if the X phone is real (and it probably is), we’ll hear a lot more things about it in the coming weeks. And hopefully more accurate things.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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