Samsung Galaxy Note III to come with LCD screen for improved S Pen experience?

Let’s try and get our minds off the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV for a minute, shall we? Yes, it’s hard, but let’s do it anyway. That’s because what you’re about to read has to do with Samsung’s other flagship device that will arrive this year, the Galaxy Note III.

According to certain ‘insiders’ who have reportedly sent this information to SamMobile, the next Galaxy Note may come with an LCD screen. That would not only be a first for that particular series of phablets, but also a first for any flagship Android handset made by Samsung. The Korean company has always used AMOLED panels for its leading devices, and it’s so far seemed that Samsung’s pretty much in love with that screen technology. As it should be, seeing as how it’s probably the world’s largest maker of mobile-focused AMOLEDs.


However, company officials may have had a change of heart recently, with one person saying that Sharp’s newest LCDs are the best ones ever. And apparently the experience of using the S Pen, the Galaxy Note line’s included stylus, will be a lot better if an LCD screen is to be used. The exact reasoning behind this claim isn’t exposed, so whether or not it’s true is anyone’s guess at this point. But top-tier Samsung executives are now supposedly trying to decide on which screen technology to use for the upcoming phablet, and for the first time it seems that LCD really stands a chance.

More so since Samsung has invested a nice sum in Sharp last week, and that had to do something with securing a steady supply of LCD displays, so if we put two and two together… well, actually, who knows what will happen? This is just an unverified rumor after all. So the takeaway is this: Samsung may use Sharp-made LCDs for the Galaxy Note III, or it may not. We expect the next Galaxy Note to come in the latter half of this year, just as usual, and until then we will have discussed many more leaks surrounding this device. If most of those will confirm the new display tech choice, then it will be likely that we’ll see an LCD-bearing Galaxy Note III. But a lot of time will pass between now and then, so let’s wait and see what happens, and what new rumor tomorrow will bring.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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