Galaxy S IV: Qualcomm CPU in the US, eight-core elsewhere, no eye scrolling, latest rumor claims

Tomorrow is the big day. The Samsung Galaxy S IV will finally be unveiled. But up until that exact moment, we are expecting the leaks and rumors to continue.

The chipset that will be inside is still sort of a mystery. At the end of last month, we heard that Samsung would go for two different configurations, just like it did with the Galaxy S III last year. In the US, the phone would sport a Qualcomm processor, while elsewhere it would be sold with Samsung’s own Exynos 5 Octa eight-core CPU.

Today a report from Bloomberg comes to confirm this. At least that’s what “two people familiar with the product” have claimed. The exact Qualcomm chip isn’t named, it’s just been said it’s going to be quad-core. The previous rumor on this matter pegged the Snapdragon 600 as the chipset of choice.


The same people have said the Galaxy S IV will have a 13 MP camera, but the much hyped ‘eye scrolling‘ feature apparently won’t make it in. It is in the works though, and may be found in devices to come out after the Galaxy S IV (Galaxy Note III, perhaps?). That said, we assume that the feature simply isn’t ready, which means Samsung may introduce it with a major software update for the Galaxy S IV (which could be the update to Android Key Lime Pie).

Automatically pausing a video when you’re looking away from the screen may still be a feature of the Galaxy S IV, despite eye scrolling not being there as well. That is, if you choose to believe these unnamed sources. After all, the initial word about the eye scrolling feature supposedly came from ‘someone working at Samsung’. Who knows who’s right at this point. But the good thing is that we’ll know for sure tomorrow. So stay tuned.


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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