HTC One may not be delayed in the US. Developer edition announced, will cost $649

The launch of the HTC One has been delayed in the UK by two weeks, but that may not be the case in the US. According to ‘a friend at HTC’ that spoke to HTC Source, the delay simply doesn’t apply to US models of the smartphone, since apparently “the US carriers are on a separate timeline”. Obviously do take this with a grain of salt, but, if true, it would mean that HTC’s rumored issues with the supply chain aren’t as widespread as once thought, and the company may have decided to sacrifice the release dates in certain markets alone (such as the UK), while not delaying the release of the One everywhere.

The HTC One should arrive at US carriers later this month, with no actual dates to speak of just yet. Now the ‘delay does not apply to the US’ thing may simply be because the launch in the US was planned to happen at the end of the month anyway, which is when the ‘global’ variant of the device is now said to be out in the UK as well. But we’ll probably never know.


Also in HTC One news, the Taiwanese company announced a ‘developer version’ of the handset, that will become available in the US around the time that the ‘normal’, non-developer edition will go on sale – so again around the end of March. The price will be a hefty $649, but obviously you won’t need to do any contract signing for it. Quantities will be limited for some reason, and only people in the US will be able to buy the developer version of the HTC One. It will ship without a SIM lock, and its bootloader will also be unlocked.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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