New Samsung Galaxy S IV cases leak, look different than the first batch

Last month we showed you what were purported to be leaked designs of upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV cases. These were interesting because we could infer some of the smartphone’s design going by theirs. Those cases lent credence to rumors that the Galaxy S IV would drop the roundness of its predecessor and instead go for a more ‘blocky’, Galaxy S II-esque look.

However, today from the same source of those cases come new case designs, once again supposedly made for Samsung’s next flagship device. The problem? These paint a very different picture in terms of design of the phone.

mobilefuns4cases-1 mobilefuns4cases-2

In fact, they seem like they would perfectly fit the Samsung GT-i9502 that was leaked a few days ago, both in pictures as well as video, and was said to be a Galaxy S IV variant for China. So this either means that we’ve already seen the design of the upcoming handset in those images and in that video, or that the leaked case designs aren’t for the Galaxy S IV.

It’s all a bit confusing, and it’s debatable whether trying to solve such puzzles is even worth it considering that the grand unveiling of the Galaxy S IV is tomorrow.

Via MobileFun

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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