HTC One delayed until mid-April in the Netherlands

The HTC One is delayed in the Netherlands as well. The first delay we reported on was in the UK, where HTC’s new flagship smartphone will go on sale two weeks later than first anticipated. And the situation is pretty similar over in the Netherlands, despite the fact that the US seems to be delay-free for now.

The HTC One was first supposed to be released in the Netherlands in mid-March. Last week, word got out that it won’t be in stores before the beginning of April. And now HTC told Tweakers that its plan is to slowly start shipping pre-orders in the first days of April, but actual general availability should only come in mid-April. The phone is expected to be widely available in the Netherlands starting on April 16. That’s a delay of exactly one month compared to the original shipping estimate, so it’s twice as bad as in the UK.


The only good part here is that if you’re in the Netherlands and already pre-ordered an HTC One, you might get it one or two weeks before it goes on sale.

Interestingly though, the One doesn’t seem to be delayed in the US, since apparently the release over there is on a ‘different timeline’ compared to the rest of the world, and, most notably, Europe.

The One was supposed to be HTC’s big break, the device that would help it regain some of that lost momentum, and, with its release timed before that of the Samsung Galaxy S IV, it should have had some mindshare to rake in some sales even before the Korean flagship arrived in stores. Now though, that seems increasingly unlikely. We don’t yet know when the Galaxy S IV will be released, but there’s a very small chance it will be more than a month after today’s announcement. So HTC will have to compete head-on with the Samsung juggernaut, and may just lose this battle once more – like last year. But we’ll see.

HTC has never said why these delays are occurring, but rumor has it that they have something to do with problems sourcing components, and low yields on manufacturing the Ultrapixel camera used in the One. Of course, this could be wrong, but since the company has left us guessing, this is the most plausible explanation we’ve heard so far.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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