LG mocks Samsung, says its Optimus G is “here 4 you now” in giant ad

Oh, LG, you’re so cute sometimes. Aping the Galaxy Note design for the Optimus G Pro. Aping eye recognition features from the Samsung Galaxy S IV mere hours before its official unveiling, so you can claim the title of “world’s first”. And just generally focusing way too much on competing with Samsung, when there are other companies eating your lunch in the mobile world too. But picking on the biggest of them all at least makes sense now when Samsung is in that position, a lot more than it did a few years ago, when Samsung still was the No.1 target over at LG without really being No.1 in anything else. So – cute. Not necessarily in a way that isn’t annoying, but nevertheless.

What’s LG done this time, you ask? Just look at the image below. It’s a picture of what Times Square in New York looks like. This, you remember, is the place where Samsung wants people to gather this evening for the grand unveiling of the Galaxy S IV.

LG Optimus G is here 4 you now ad

Ever since it started its teaser campaign for its next flagship handset, Samsung has been in love with the number 4. So LG’s using that to its advantage. The LG Optimus G is here 4 you now.

Yes, LG, it is. But the Samsung Galaxy S IV will also be here in a few weeks at most, and what will you mock then? Its sales? That’s not going to happen, since, unlike any LG device ever made, the Galaxy S IV is set to be yet another best-seller. Ah well, we’re pretty sure LG will manage to cook up something new and anti-Samsung, so stay tuned for whatever’s next.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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