6.3-inch Galaxy Note III confirmed by official Samsung accessory listing?

This is thin. You should keep that in mind.

We have previously heard that the next Galaxy Note phablet from Samsung may come with a gigantic 6.3-inch touchscreen. Of course in the meantime 5.9 inches has also been rumored as the screen size for the Galaxy Note III, but it may just be that this fall we’ll see a 6.3-inch device from Samsung.

What you see below is standing on Samsung’s official Galaxy S4 microsite. It’s an image of the Game Pad, a neat little accessory for the Galaxy S4 aimed at those who simply adore, well, game pads. If you wanted your smartphone to sport such a contraption, here’s your chance.

Samsung Game Pad

Only the Game Pad is listed by Samsung as being compatible with devices having screen sizes from 4″ to 6.3″. That’s awfully specific. And currently Samsung has no handset that goes above the Galaxy Note II’s 5.5 inches. So yes, this might be the first leaked hint about what’s next for the Galaxy Note line.

Or it could just be that thanks to the dimensions of the Game Pad, a 6.3-inch device is the theoretical maximum as to what it is able to hold. We probably won’t know for sure whether this was a slip-up from Samsung or just a coincidence for a few weeks, or even months. But this is interesting nevertheless.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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