Microsoft fixes Windows Phone 7.8 live tile issues in new version that’s rolling out now

A few weeks ago, Microsoft started pushing the update to Windows Phone 7.8 to devices stuck on the 7.x branch of its mobile operating system (so all of those who haven’t launched running WP8). But after a short while, we heard many reports about some pretty big issues with that update. The most unfortunate of all was something to do with live tiles. They would either randomly stop updating, or ‘bug out’ and cause immense battery drain as well as using huge amounts of data (and in case that turned out to be mobile data, one could incur heavy fees for that, depending on plan). So Microsoft apparently halted the distribution of that update, hopefully to fix these issues. We heard this from both Vodafone and Nokia.

WP7.8 fixes

And true it was, for today a new build of Windows Phone 7.8 has started rolling out, and Microsoft clearly lists bug fixes for live tiles in the changelog. Microsoft treats this update (build 8862) as the new and only official release of Windows Phone 7.8. So this is it, folks. No more issues (at least not big ones, we hope). The assortment of features that Windows Phone 7.x devices will get from the WP8 release (most notable of which is the new Start screen) is now headed your way.

According to WMPoweruser, the update has already been spotted in Norway, Canada, and India. Obviously the update being an over-the-air affair is going to take its time in arriving everywhere across the world, but at least it is on its way finally.


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Jorge Fiel

    Updated in Portugal. Lumia 900 / Vodafone.