Rumor: Motorola X won’t be one device, but many. First one out in June with guaranteed OS upgrade

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is official, the only high-end Android device still doing the rounds in rumorland is the famed Motorola X. So get ready for yet another rumor concerning this device, purported to be the first ever to get full Google influence since the Mountain View search giant bought the ailing phone maker.

But wait, apparently Motorola X won’t be one handset. Instead, Motorola will use X just like Samsung uses Galaxy, LG does with Optimus, and so on – like a new co-brand, all-encompassing Android smartphones (or some of them, at least) to be released by Moto from this point on. Specifically, X is said to be there to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy.

Obviously, this makes total sense, if only if you go by the sheer number of companies that have tried to imitate Samsung’s branding strategy – just think about LG Optimus, Sony Xperia, Huawei Ascend, ZTE Grand, Acer Iconia (tablets only, though), and even HTC with One tried the same approach last year.


The first Motorola X phone is said to be released in June. Again, this seems plausible, although we’ve previously heard mumblings about that happening in July. But hey, the sooner the better, so we’re not complaining. The first X is widely expected to be announced during Google I/O in May.

For the X line, Motorola will guarantee at least one “full Android version” update after the purchase of the phone. Furthermore, software updates will be handled by Motorola, and not the carriers.

The latter part of that is refreshing, but the former, while sounding nice in theory, is just… marketing speak. If, and only if, the X line will also contain low-end phones, then this is something to be happy about. Otherwise, think about what this means – so Moto will update your brand new high-end device to the next version of Android (no one knows what the word “full” is doing in there, by the way). But every competitor already does this for their high-end offerings, despite not uttering the word “guarantee” at any point. So yes, this may be cute to have for owners of the RAZR D1 and D3 just unveiled in Brazil, low-end offerings that otherwise Motorola would have ignored in terms of software updates. But for the flagship phones, one update is pretty much laughable. Everybody does that.

Moving on, the X line will apparently be sold through an unnamed online store. We’ll be bold and name it: Google Play Store.

And now for something completely different. And hardly believable. Motorola will let you choose your phone’s innards, much as you’ve been able to do for ages in the computer world. Color, RAM, and internal storage will be ‘configurable’ at the time of the order, and Motorola guarantees that your ‘custom device’ will be delivered within one week.

Interestingly, if we take the amount of RAM out of this equation, then all we’re left with in terms of ‘revolutionary’ customization features are the color of the phone and how much storage it will come with. Things that other manufacturers have been letting you pick for years.

In what seems like a one-to-one ape of HTC’s Get Started service, you’re said to be able to customize your phone’s wallpapers, ringtones, apps, and contacts before it arrives. Meaning: some desktop software (or website) will let you choose everything, and once you sync up your X for the first time, it will load all of those things up.

The rumor goes on to claim that you’ll be able to unlock the bootloader and the SIM of the phones, and it seems like you’ll have the ability to do this even after you bought the phone. We’re unsure how this might work, or how happy carriers would be with something like this.

But wait, there’s more. The first X phone will have an eight-core processor, and one of those cores will be entirely dedicated to “Motorola’s new human language system”. This… No. Don’t get your hopes up. Samsung is the only company making an eight-core processor at the moment, and it has absolutely no reason to sell any of those to Motorola. Especially not while it’s still ramping up production for its first eight-core phone, the Galaxy S4. As for the human language system… why would it need an entire processor core? That just seems ridiculous.

Finally, we’re told that Motorola and Google (aren’t they the same thing?) will heavily subsidize the the X phones. This makes perfect sense, just look at what Google’s been doing with the LG Nexus 4. This will help stir interest for these devices, undoubtedly.

OK. Now that you’ve read all this, know that all of it can be wrong. In fact, as we pointed out, some things probably are wrong. Which doesn’t bode well for how believable the rest of the rumor is. Still, it’s out there, so we let you know. But don’t get your hopes up, on anything, and you won’t be disappointed.

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Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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