Samsung sold 50 million Galaxy S III units so far. First Tizen device comes in Q3

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S4 yesterday in New York, and the new flagship device certainly seems to have its work cut out for it in terms of besting the sales numbers of its predecessor.

That’s because Samsung has already managed to sell 50 million Galaxy S III smartphones since launching that handset last year. The previous milestone announced by the Korean company was 40 million units sold, and that was made public in mid-January. So in two months, Samsung sold an additional 10 million Galaxy S IIIs. That’s a great accomplishment, and these are numbers that other Android phone makers can only dream of.

The 50 million figure transpired in an interview that JK Shin (pictured below) gave to the WSJ. Shin, who is the head honcho over at Samsung’s mobile division, has just been appointed co-CEO of Samsung Electronics, so his work getting Samsung to the No.1 smartphone maker spot in the world didn’t go unnoticed it appears.

JK Shin

In the same interview, JK Shin said that Samsung is now in the process of merging Bada into Tizen (just like we told you countless times before). We should expect the first Samsung phone running Tizen to become available sometime during the third quarter of this year, so between July and September.

Shin is quite unhappy with Samsung’s market share in the US, which is why the launch event for the Galaxy S4 was held in New York.

Finally, the Samsung official had good words to say about Android and Google, but not so much about Windows Phone. “Smartphones and tablets based on Microsoft’s Windows operating system aren’t selling very well”. Furthermore, he added, in Europe Samsung is seeing “lackluster demand” for Windows-based products. So phasing out the Ativ Tab over there suddenly makes sense.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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