Software features from the Samsung Galaxy S4 will make it to the Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with an incredible number of gimmicks as well as neat little software features that are part of the company’s increasingly all-encompassing UI skin that sits atop Android (and which, interestingly, doesn’t seem to have a name anymore – not TouchWiz, not Nature UI – or at least Samsung hasn’t emphasized it yet). But what to do if you have a Galaxy S III?

Fret not, that’s what. Samsung is committing to bringing many of the new software features found in the new device to the Galaxy S III. The exceptions will have to do with the lack of hardware support, so, for example, don’t expect your Galaxy S III to suddenly turn into a remote control for your TV – the lack of IR blaster physically prevents that from happening.

Samsung Galaxy S4 swf

This bringing of features won’t apply to just the Galaxy S III, but “all the flagship devices”, whatever that means. We assume the Galaxy Note II should also see the same improvements, but we can’t be sure about anything at this point.

The message comes from Nick DiCarlo, Samsung’s vice president of portfolio planning, who spoke to PCMag. The new software features will almost certainly be delivered alongside an update to Android 4.2, which is the version that the Galaxy S4 will ship with.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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