Sony Xperia ZL lands at the FCC headed to AT&T

The Sony Xperia ZL is an odd device. It’s basically identical to the Xperia Z on the inside, yet it’s less tall and narrower, all while being thicker. Oh, and it’s not ruggedized as the Z, so it’s not water and dust proof. Yet we’ve had some indications that it will be priced similarly to its brother.

The Xperia ZL still seems to us like it was born out of Sony’s inability to pick between two different, competing designs it had cooked up for its early 2013 flagship. Yet the ZL will always have the unfortunate honor of being ‘the other flagship’. The mindshare is mostly with the Z, and Sony seems to be focusing more of its marketing on the Z. At least for now, we’ll see what happens in the near future.


Speaking of that, the Sony Xperia ZL is headed to AT&T in the US. We wonder what exact thought process is employed by carriers to choose one of Sony’s twins, but regardless – AT&T’s pick is the Xperia ZL. This handset has been spotted at the FCC sporting all the necessary bands for it to be offered by AT&T.

There’s an extremely small chance that this model will get sold unlocked by Sony and not by AT&T directly, although in that case we have to ask – why tailor it to one specific carrier? We’re expecting this not to remain a mystery for long, so stay tuned.

Via Engadget

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Pedroosan

    This article sounds retarded? 1) Everyone has been posting links to Sony’s US online store where the ZL is already listed as coming soon. 2) no version of the Z supports US LTE bands (neither c6602 nor c6603). However the ZL version c6506 is a perfect match both for the H+ 3g bands and the 4g LTE bands. Thus it is the hottest phone to wait for in the us.. But only for people who actually know what they want.

  • Pedroosan

    It’s also the smallest 5in screen phone compared to everyone including S4. And the only thing that I could not read anywhere is if it will indeed be carried by att. So it seems the article has it all reversed.