Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S III joins Sprint’s in being priced at $0.01, AT&T’s version now $49.99

Today is the big day in which Samsung will announce the Galaxy S IV. So Amazon has done the decent thing and cut the prices for the Galaxy S III variants it sells once more.

Sprint’s Galaxy S III has been offered for just $0.01 for more than a month now, but today Verizon’s version has joined it in having the exact same ‘price’. So now you can purchase an essentially free superphone for use both on Sprint and on Verizon, if you so wish.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III free

If, on the other hand, your carrier of choice happens to be AT&T, and you still want to go for a Galaxy S III, you’ll need to shell out a bit more. Not extremely much, though, just $49.99. Pricing usually reserved for lower-midrange smartphones.

There are caveats for everything you just read. First, all of these prices apply to new customers only. So if you just want to upgrade an existing device to a Galaxy S III, you’ll need to pay more. $99.99, in fact, regardless of which of the three aforementioned carriers you pick. Second, you’ll obviously need to sign a new two-year contract with either of those carriers in order to get these prices.

Now sure, the Galaxy S III will look old and outdated compared to the Galaxy S IV, but that doesn’t mean that last year’s flagship offering from Samsung isn’t a solid performer even in this day and age. So if you don’t care about always having the latest and greatest hardware, this is a very good deal. Take advantage of it by following the links below.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III: black | white | blue

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III: white | blue

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III: white | blue | red

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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