Asus Intel smartphone coming this summer. New Nexus 7 tablet out in May with better specs?

The FonePad apparently wasn’t a one-off partnership between Asus and Intel. The Taiwanese device maker seems to have grown pretty fond of the company sometimes nicknamed Chipzilla, and is planning on releasing at least one more device powered by an Intel processor.

It will be a high-end smartphone. The Intel Atom Z2580 (Clover Trail+) will be inside. This has so far been Intel’s most high performing mobile chipset, by quite a margin. It’s expected to debut in the Lenovo K900 which should go on sale in China next month.


And now we have another contender in the ‘Intel inside’ smartphone space. The Asus offering will sport a 5 to 5.5 inch touchscreen, according to the infamous “sources from the upstream supply chain” that DigiTimes loves to quote.

The new Asus phone will be released in June at the earliest. If there won’t be a tablet attached to it in any way (say, a tablet dock a la the PadFone series), this could in fact be Asus’ first foray into the standalone smartphone business. And with a high-end offering priced well, it may make quite a splash in the market. But obviously we’ll have to wait and see.

Also in rumorland, word is getting out that there will be a next generation Nexus 7 tablet coming from Asus. It will be more expensive than the current model ($249 compared to $199), but it will come with “enhanced specifications”, whatever that could mean. We’re hoping the $50 price bump, if real, will be easy to justify by the new device’s innards. This new Nexus 7 could be out in May, and if that’s correct, then we expect it to be unveiled during Google’s I/O developer conference that same month.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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