Samsung will demo 5.9″ Galaxy Note III to AT&T execs later this week

With the success of its phablets over the last two years, it is no secret that Samsung is already hard at work on Galaxy Note 3. The only question is when it will be released and how big will it be.

Some details are already trickling out.

According to the sources of Koreatimes, Samsung will be showcasing prototype Galaxy Note 3 to high level AT&T executives, including chief marketing officer of American carrier, during the meeting in Seoul later this week . They will discuss launch and marketing strategy for the new phablet.

For now, Samsung will only show the design mock-up of Note 3, without any chips inside. The new phone will be similar in size to Galaxy Note 2 and will come with 1080p OLED display. Just like last year, Samsung will most likely announce Galaxy Note 3 in late August, before IFA trade-show in Berlin.

Galaxy Note 2

As to that rumored 6.3” Samsung phablet?

It is still in the works, but it is not Galaxy Note 3. It’s a budget model, scheduled for 1H 2013 launch, to expand Samsung’s big screen smartphone line-up and compete with the likes of Huawei Ascend Mate. It will come with cheaper LCD display, keeping high quality OLEDs exclusive to Samsung’s flagships.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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  • Nell

    disappointing really, 6.3 inches or GTFO. Why, WHY a budget model for the 6.3 inches. You should NEVER compromise a fagship for a crappy lower end. Samsung, for crying out loud, your focus should be squarely on high end and not predominantly low end crap.