Amazon’s first smartphone to have a 4.7 inch display

Rumors about a possible Amazon-branded smartphone have been around for quite a while now, but the company obviously didn’t confirm it’s working on such a device. Still, just like it has released tablets, Amazon is almost certainly also going to launch smartphones. And the first could arrive in the second quarter of the year (thus in June the latest).

According to DigiTimes, industry supply chain sources believe the Amazon phone has a 4.7 inch display. Reportedly, the company initially wanted to opt for a 4.3 screen, but the latest high-end smartphones made it change plans.

Amazon’s manufacturing partner is Foxconn – which also makes Kindle tablets, iPads and iPhones, among others. DigiTimes notes that production progress for the Amazon smartphone “has not been as smooth as expected”, so its launch might be delayed beyond Q2.

 Amazon smartphone 4.7 inch

Like the Kindle tablets, the first Amazon smartphone will likely run a modified version of Android. Unfortunately, there is now word on what other features it might bring, and neither on its price (this, however, has be competitive, as I’m sure Amazon wants to sell lots of phones).

Later this year, Amazon should also launch an ultra-cheap Kindle HD tablet, which may cost just $99. We’ll bring more details when we have them.

Author: Florin

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  • M. Edward (Ed) Borasky

    Unless the data plans are significantly less expensive than a full-featured iOS or Android phone, this is a non-starter. Kindle tablets are glorified Amazon personal POS terminals, not general purpose productivity tools. They could *give* the phones away and I still wouldn’t use one!