Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging back cover and dock get pictured

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will come with an optional wireless charging kit. If you want to take advantage of the latest fad of the mobile industry, ‘wireless’ charging, you’ll need to buy this kit. It contains a replacement back cover for the phone, complete with all the necessary wizardry that makes your device charge just by laying onto the charging pad, or dock, or whatever else it will end up being called.

So, you get the new back cover for your S4, along with that dock. When the urge to ‘wirelessly’ charge your phone gets to you, you just place it on the dock, and like (useless) magic, it starts charging. Yay for progress! You no longer have to plug a cable into your phone – in this case, you plug it into the ‘wireless’ charging station. Just think of the seconds you’ll save each time you charge your phone, both when you start the process, but also when you stop it. Normally, you’d have to fiddle with the cable and find the specific hole it’s supposed to fit into. Then pull it out once you want the charging to stop. But now, thanks to this amazing innovation, you’ll just put the handset down on the charging pad when you want it to charge, and then simply pick it up when you think it’s had enough of that charging action.

Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging

And all this for the incredibly low price of… well, we don’t know yet. But look, the picture above shows you exactly what the wireless charging kit for the Samsung Galaxy S4 will look like! It’s unclear whether this kit will become available around the time when the phone itself will go on sale. Also not known at this point is if the new back cover will make your device thicker or not, and if so, by how much. All these details should be out in due course, though, so make sure you stay tuned and we’ll let you know when we find out more.

Wireless charging will only become truly useful when ‘wireless chargers’ will be built into things – furniture, for example. When you don’t simply switch from plugging a cable into a phone to plugging a cable into something else. Until then, this is all gimmickry. With gimmicky accessories to go along, nice to show off to friends once, but not adding any real usefulness. That said, half of the Galaxy S4’s software features probably fall into the same category, so at least Samsung’s being consistent.


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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