Mint Green Nokia Lumia 920 shows up, may be launched soon

It’s really no secret that Nokia loves colorful smartphones. At least it does since it made the move to Windows Phone as its only smart platform. Nokia’s been using color options to differentiate from its rivals, and so far the strategy has worked moderately well. Even if you don’t buy Nokia phones, they are all pretty easily recognizable thanks to the usually bold colors.

It’s no surprise then that the Finnish company may be looking to add a new color option for the Lumia 920, its current flagship smartphone. This will be green, and the official name for the color may in fact be Mint Green.

Nokia Lumia 920 mint green

We can infer this because the image you see above was posted on Facebook by Nokia’s arm in Jordan. Those are mint leaves, so… that’s how we drew the conclusion.

The green Lumia 920 looks just as catchy as all the other colorful versions of the device so far. Aside from the classic white and black, we’ve also seen the Lumia 920 in red, yellow, and grey. And for the summer, Nokia may be prepping a refreshing addition to the roster.

Some phone makers (most notably Samsung) resort to launching new colors for devices as a way to extend the product life cycle, and that could be what’s happening here too.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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