Upcoming Nokia Lumia 950 purportedly photographed, specs detailed too

Today a purported image of the Nokia Lumia 950 has made its way across the Internet. And let’s start with a disclaimer: this may be fake. In fact, a number of such ‘leaked images’ that have been in circulation recently have been fakes. So keep that in mind please.

The image, which you can see below, is apparently of the yet-unannounced successor to the Lumia 920. The choice of using ‘950’ as the number is said to come in order to provoke some memories of the N95 in some people. This should be part of a broader Nokia strategy of ‘getting back to its roots’ or something like that.

Lumia 950 copy

Aside from the looks of the device, that are covered by the photo, we also get some details about its specs. The Lumia 950 will supposedly come with 1,280×768 screen resolution (if you were hoping for 1080p, you should stop dreaming, as Windows Phone 8 doesn’t support that resolution and it looks like it’s not going to in the near future either), an AMOLED touchscreen, good battery life, and a camera that will be larger than those in current Lumias. It won’t come with the insane 41 MP sensor seen in the 808 PureView, but somehow it should still support ‘lossless zoom’, pixel oversampling, great low-light performance, video stabilization, and it will have a Xenon flash. 2 GB of RAM will be in along with other internals that should help ‘future-proof’ the device as much as possible.

Over the next few weeks (or maybe even months), we’ll know for sure how real all this was. If you are to believe everything you just read, then the Lumia 950 seems like a pretty decent successor to the 920, doesn’t it? That said, the oft-rumored inclusion of ‘PureView phase 1′ (think 808 PureView) in a Windows Phone device may just mean that some of its features will make it in, but without the insanely big sensor. Time will tell though.

Via Windows Phone Central

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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