Apple iPhone 5S production starts this quarter for a summer release, cheaper model coming this year too

The much-rumored, much-hyped next iPhone is in the news yet again. Both of them, actually.

First off, production for the iPhone 5S is due to start during this quarter (which debuted yesterday and will end on June 30). This is because the device in question will apparently be released during the summer, alongside a new version of iOS. The information comes via the usually reliable WSJ, from “people familiar with the device’s production”.

Apple may not call its next iPhone the iPhone 5S, but that’s what we’ll call it unless we hear differently. That’s because this year’s iteration of Apple’s handset is expected to be to the iPhone 5 what the iPhone 4S was to the iPhone 4 – pretty much identical in terms of looks and outer shell.


Some changes could occur on the inside, with perhaps an upgraded processor and a better camera fitted in. But on the outside, it will probably be tough to tell the iPhone 5 and its successor apart.

The cheaper iPhone should also arrive this year, according to the same source, but later – sometime during the second half of 2013 is the best time frame we have for now. Maybe Apple will hold an iPad event in the fall, when it will also unveil the cheaper iPhone.

This device should have a 4-inch screen just like the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, but has been widely rumored to be made from different (read: cheaper) materials. It may also come in many different colors, unlike the ‘flagship’ iPhones so far which have been either black or white.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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