HTC One 802w has microSD slot, dual-SIM support, removable back. Headed to China Unicom

The HTC One has a microSD card slot, a removable back cover, as well as dual-SIM support. No, you haven’t somehow missed these specs on the official specsheet. The HTC One has these things alright, but only in China.

The HTC One 802w is the WCDMA version of the device that’s tailor made for China Unicom, the country’s second largest carrier and the only one to use the HSPA type of 3G connectivity. All three Chinese carriers are bound to receive their own versions of the One, with the 802t headed to China Mobile with TD-SCDMA support, and the 802d on its way to China Telecom with CDMA capabilities. So here’s the 802w smiling for the camera:


By the way, since the Chinese versions all have 802 as the model number, and the European model is 801n, the final digit may signify the number of SIM card slots available in each handset.

The HTC One 802w should be launched by China Unicom in the near future. What’s certain though is that we will never see a One with a microSD card slot, a removable back cover, and dual-SIM support in the ‘developed world’. Similar variants may make it to other ‘developing nations’, but that’s it. Do you even care, though? Are these extra features must-haves? They clearly are so in China.

Via Sina Weibo Via Engadget


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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