iPad Mini now just $299 at Walmart

If you’re looking to buy an Apple iPad Mini, more specifically the starter model (with 16 GB of storage and Wi-Fi-only), at this point there’s no better place to get it from than Walmart.

That’s because the well known retailer is offering you the iPad Mini for just $299. That’s $30 less than the normal price for this device, which incidentally is still how much you’ll need to pay if you get one directly from Apple.

iPad Mini Walmart

Now $30 isn’t a great amount to save, but it’s something nevertheless. And please keep in mind that Apple products are almost never discounted. Sure, last year’s iPhone will get a price cut when this year’s iPhone goes on sale, but other than that – this sort of thing really doesn’t happen with Apple wares.

Which is why this is interesting to note. Some have taken this to mean that a new iPad Mini is coming soon. But let’s not jump the gun here, for now this is just an opportunity for you to save $30. Apple is certainly already hard at work on the next iPad Mini, but whether that will come in a couple of weeks or in October is still up for debate. And the rumors will keep coming, multiple times a week, all the way until the new device will be launched. If you stay tuned, we’ll tell you about the most interesting ones.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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