Unlocked Nokia Lumia 520 now available in the US for $224.99

After becoming available in SIM-free and unlocked form in the UK just two days ago, the Nokia Lumia 520 is now also listed as being in stock in the US.

This is Nokia’s most affordable smartphone running Windows Phone 8, and it’s being offered by Expansys for just $224.99. That’s unlocked, keep in mind. For just a little over what you’re used to paying for phones you need to get with a two-year contract, you can buy a Lumia 520 and use it on any network you please – as long as it’s OK not to have even 3G.

Nokia Lumia 520 in stock Expansys USA

Yes, you can buy a Lumia 520 for cheap. But it’s almost completely useless. Expansys lists 900 and 2100 as the 3G bands on which it operates, so if you’re lucky you might get a 3G signal on T-Mobile, but only in some places. That’s it. No AT&T, and obviously no Verizon or Sprint, because the Lumia 520 is GSM. But hey, if you love the amazing speeds of EDGE, this is for you.

So, if for some reason you must have this device, you can go ahead and order one from Expansys right now. It will ship in 4 days, apparently.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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