The overpriced Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is now available

Oh rejoice, you, lover of overpriced things, you! The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 has become available in the US of A today – and right on time it is. The tablet is supposedly Samsung’s direct competitor to Apple’s iPad Mini, since they have just about the same screen size (however keep in mind that the different aspect ratios make them look pretty different from each other).

Now that we all know that the Korean company spends more than Apple on marketing and advertising, it’s probably hoping that we’ve all entered its very own ‘reality distortion field’. One in which a product that competes with an Apple device is more expensive and is successful despite that. An alternate reality then, if you will.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Samsung is asking you for $399.99 for the privilege of owning a Galaxy Note 8.0. That’s exactly $70 more than what Apple thinks its similarly-specced iPad Mini is worth (not to mention that you can find that for just $299 in some places).

So are the stylus and some neat software tricks worth the price premium? You’ll decide that for yourself, obviously. If you do want to buy the Galaxy Note 8.0, both Staples and Best Buy say they have some in stock for you right now, so perhaps head over if you’d like to place an order.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • ac

    I’m just waiting to see if they’ll offer the 32gb version. Price isn’t really justifiable, to me, but the tablet is my preference of all that are avaialble for sale. So, hopefully, if I hold out long enough, they’ll drop the initial price on the 16gb, when the 32gb version is released (if it’s released). Part of me feels like that would be a pretty decent early strategy. Get people hooked in at $399 for the 16gb, then drop the price to $349, while at the same time introducing the the 32gb for the $399 pricetag.

  • Faraz

    How conveniently did the author ignores that note also happens to be a phone. IMO that alone justifies the $ 70 difference