Samsung Galaxy S4 release dates for AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon get leaked

If you’re impatient and can’t wait for the Samsung Galaxy S4 to launch in the US of A, then this surely is for you. A leaked store training sheet originating at Staples has ‘tentative’ release dates for Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone on three carriers. Of course, things might change, which is why the word ‘tentative’ is being used here.

So, according to this information, AT&T will be the first carrier in the US to have the Galaxy S4 in stock. That will happen on April 26. T-Mobile will follow, offering the smartphone on May 1. Verizon will only get its Galaxy S4 on May 30 for some reason.


Pre-orders (at least at Staples) may start as soon as tomorrow, if this document is to be believed (and if things haven’t changed in the meantime).

If this all pans out, the Galaxy S4 really is near. And if your carrier of choice is AT&T, then you’ll be able to get one in exactly 11 days. Too bad if you’re with Verizon and have a craving for the new Galaxy, since that means more than six weeks of waiting for you from this point on.

If things do change on this front, we’ll bring you all the new info as soon as we get it.

Via Engadget

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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