4.6 million Sony Xperia Z units sold since launch? Android Jelly Bean for Xperia S could arrive in May

Not long after the Sony Xperia Z was launched, positive reports regarding its sales came in. So I assumed that an important milestone (5 million units sold) was going to be achieved shortly. And it looks like I was right.

According to HK-Android (Chinese source), Sony has already sold 4.6 million Xperia Z handsets, 40 days after its initial release.

Reportedly, Sony plans to sell at least 10 million Xperia Zs this year. And this certainly doesn’t seem impossible now. The Z runs Android Jelly Bean, it’s dustproof and waterproof, and offers many high-end features, including a 5 inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) display, LTE, 13MP rear camera, quad-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm processor, and 2GB of RAM. The smartphone might be introduced in the US soon, thanks to T-Mobile (but this is just a rumor for now).

Sony-Xperia-Z-sales 46 million

In other Sony news, French mobile operator SFR says on one of its official blogs that he older Xperia S would be updated from Android ICS to Jelly Bean stating May. We should note, however, that this could be true only for France, and the update might arrive sooner in other markets. Anyhow, the Xperia S will certainly get Jelly Bean in all markets pretty soon, as Sony has promised this several times until now.

Via Xperia Blog

Author: Florin

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    35 million in 59 days These are verified data