Samsung Galaxy Note III will probably not have a flexible display after all

Of all the new features that the Galaxy Note III could bring, an unbreakable, flexible display would be pretty awesome. According to some rumors appeared last month, Samsung was indeed considering the inclusion of such a display into the new Note. However, a recent report from South Korea suggests that Samsung won’t be able to mass-produce flexible screens as soon as it would want to.

ET News has it that Samsung Display currently faces difficulties related to “encapsulation technology”. The company has bought patents related to encapsulation from Vitex System back in 2011. But it’s not entirely happy with what it got, since Vitex System’s technology “excessively lengthens the manufacturing time.” So now Samsung Display is looking to find alternative solutions. This, of course, might cause significant delays in its flexible display production.

Samsung logo flexible Galaxy Note III

The Galaxy Note III should be officially announced by Samsung in September, during IFA 2013. While its 5.9 inch Full HD display may not be flexible and unbreakable, the new handset is certainly going to be one that many users will want to buy. It should feature an eight-core Exynos processor, 2GB of RAM, a large battery, and at least Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. An improved overall build quality is also expected – as Samsung seems to be jealous on what HTC has managed to do with its One flagship.


Author: Florin

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