LG Optimus G2 in the works for Q3 launch

LG has a successor for its Optimus G flagship in the works for Q3 launch, according to its Head of Mobile Marketing Won Kim.

Which means LG will probably announce Optimus G2 in late August/early September, show it off at IFA Berlin (Sept. 6-11), and then ship it in October. Just in time for the Holiday season.

Which sounds like a pretty smart timing to me.

LG Optimus G Happy new Year

According to LG, the new Optimus flagship will have “something different and something unique“, and will come with 5” display. Which puts it in direct competition with Samsung’s Galaxy S4.

But by the time Optimus G2 ships, the SGS4 launch bang will be a distant memory, and Samsung will focus most of its energy promoting key end of the year device – Galaxy Note III phablet.

With six months to think about and create a response, LG should come up with quite a few things to market Optimus G2 as a better phone than Samsung’s flagship.

This strategy worked pretty well for LG last year, so there’s no reason it should not work in 2013 as well.

It is good to finally see LG turning around its mobile business fortunes after a multi-year slump. The improvement is still extremely slow, and LG smartphone shipments are still miniscule compared to Samsung’s. But it is moving in the right direction, and LG mobile products are getting more interesting with each successive generation.

I hope Korean company manages to stay on track this time. They have some moderately ambitious plans to sell 45 million smartphones this year, and impressive Optimus G follow-up  could help them beat those expectations.

Via: Engadget

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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