Apple iPhone 5S production might start later than expected. iPad 5 rear shell leaks

Last we heard, production for Apple’s next-generation iPhone was supposed to start this quarter, so in June the latest. However, new reports are suggesting that Apple is in a bit of trouble with at least one of the new features expected from the iPhone 5S (or whatever its final name is going to be): the fingerprint sensor.

According to Reuters, supplier sources based in Taiwan and Japan believe that production for the new iPhone may start only after the end of June. The delay could be caused by the fact that Apple “is trying to find a coating material that does not interfere with the fingerprint sensor.”

Of course, even if mass production starts in July or August, Apple can still launch the new iPhone in September – thus one year after it introduced the iPhone 5.

As for the long-rumored cheaper iPhone, it’s said that panel production for this would start in May or June. Both the iPhone 5S and the cheaper iPhone supposedly have 4 inch displays – but the cheaper model should have a lower pixel resolution, and won’t come with fingerprint sensor.

Meanwhile, an image that supposedly shows the rear back of the iPad 5 has surfaced over at Tactus. The image doesn’t really say much about the new iPad, but it supports an earlier rumor which claimed the tablet would be thinner and lighter than the iPad 4.

Apple new iPad 5 rear shell leaked

Like the iPad 4, the iPad 5 should have four storage capacity options: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. We’ll bring more on Apple’s upcoming iOS devices as soon as more details emerge.

Author: Florin

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