Rugged (water and dust proof) Samsung Galaxy S4 coming soon?

Samsung sure makes loads of different Android-powered smartphones. One trend it hasn’t really been into, though, is ruggedness. A.k.a. water and dust resistance. Yes, there’s been the odd Galaxy Xcover here and there, but that’s about it. Sony’s Xperia Z doesn’t have a lot going for it in terms of specs compared to the Samsung Galaxy S4, but it is water proof.

Samsung’s lack of love for all things rugged may change, though. And very soon. Apparently the Korean company could be working on a Galaxy S4 variation that is rugged – both water and dust proof. Furthermore, this model will be unveiled in the next few weeks.


This was all supposedly mentioned by Young Soo Kim, who is President of Samsung’s operation in the Gulf, at a press event. Since this only comes from one source, have your handy pinch of salt nearby. And even if Kim did say that, it may all have been a mix-up. Maybe Samsung is in fact going to release a new rugged smartphone (and not a moment too soon), but it being a rugged Galaxy S4 makes little sense – why wait? Why not have this ‘version’ (presumably a bit more expensive, and also thicker) unveiled alongside the ‘main’ Galaxy S4? Mysteries, mysteries…

But if this is real we do expect an onslaught of new rumors and leaks on the matter within days, so stay tuned.

Via TechView

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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