Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S4 will be up for pre-order tomorrow, release date still unknown

So far Verizon’s been the least talkative of the ‘big four’ US carriers when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S4 – and especially details about its pricing and release date.

While T-Mobile was forced to delay its launch (Sprint too but only in-store), it’s still going to happen in the next few days. But until today we had no word from Verizon on the matter. Well, now we can tell you that Big Red will finally start taking pre-orders for the superphone tomorrow. Unfortunately though, the carrier still doesn’t want to say when we can expect the Galaxy S4 to be available in its stores or online. There’s not even a hint about how long the pre-order period will be.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders

Verizon is obviously the last of the big US carriers to get to this stage, that of pre-orders, so it stands to reason that it will also be the last when it comes to actually releasing the device. So if things keep going this way, do expect the Galaxy S4 to land at Big Red sometime after May 1 (which is when T-Mobile will start its in-store sales).

Then again, maybe Verizon wants to surprise us with an incredibly short pre-order period followed by a glitch-free launch sometime in the next few days. We’ll have to wait and see.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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