After iPhone 5S, Apple could launch an iPhone 6 with larger display (in June 2014)

Although Apple’s plans regarding its seventh-generation iPhone (most likely called iPhone 5S) are far from being well-known, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek has ventured to talk about the eight-generation iPhone, which should be released in 2014, possibly under the name iPhone 6.

According to Financial Post, Misek assumes that Apple’s going to launch the iPhone 6 in June 2014, and this will have a “larger” display.

The first five iPhone models (iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S) all have 3.5 inch displays. The iPhone 5, released in September 2012, is the only one to come with a 4 inch screen (1136 x 640 pixels). Yet all the latest high-end Android and Windows Phone handsets all have larger displays (4.5 to 5 inches), so that’s certainly something Apple needs to take into consideration.

Still, I really don’t think Apple will go beyond 4.5 inches with the iPhone 6.

Apple-logo-iPhone 6 June 2014

Meanwhile, the iPhone 5S is expected to be launched this September, and it’s unlikely for it to have a display different than what the iPhone 5 is offering. Instead, it should have a faster processor, more RAM, fingerprint sensor, better cameras, and iOS7. A cheaper new iPhone, possibly costing less than $250, might be also introduced in September.

37.4 million iPhones were shipped in the first quarter of 2013, allowing Apple to comfortably take the second position in the smartphone market – behind Samsung (70 million units shipped), and ahead of LG (10 million units).

Author: Florin

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