Sony Xperia SP delayed in the UK until at least mid-May

The Sony Xperia SP was supposed to be released in the UK today. That, however, hasn’t happened. Furthermore, it now looks like the handset which was revealed in March will only be out in mid-May at the earliest.

The Xperia SP is featured on the websites of T-Mobile, Orange, EE, and Three. However, in some of those places it’s still listed as ‘coming soon’, while in others it appears as though you can order one, but delivery is estimated to take up to 30 days. That’s clearly not an indication of a handset being in stock.

Sony Xperia SP UK delay

SIM-free phone retailer Clove, which was previously the source for the April 30 release date, now has a notice up saying that first stock of the SP has been delayed and is now expected sometime during the week commencing on May 13. That means it should arrive at the retailer before May 19, if it doesn’t incur any additional delays.

Obviously, there’s no clue as to why the Xperia SP will arrive on the market later than we expected it to, but this is the way things usually are. If you’ve been anxiously waiting for its release, you’ll need to have some more patience, for at least a couple of weeks from this point on.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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