7″ to 9″ second-gen Microsoft Surface tablets reportedly getting announced in June

Microsoft is obviously hard at work on its next generation of tablets. In fact, we first told you this much back in November of last year. Things are a lot more advanced now than they were then, though, and the Redmond software giant is getting ready to unveil new devices pretty soon.

According to the oft-quoted (and sometimes wrong) “sources from the upstream supply chain”, new Surface tablets will be announced by Microsoft during its Build developer conference which takes place from June 26 to June 28.


Interestingly though, the second-gen tablets are said to sport screens in the seven-to-nine inch range. The currently selling Surface tablets both have 10-inch touchscreens. The move to smaller screens is seen by DigiTimes as happening because of the worldwide rising demand for more portable tablets.

Additionally, the fact that Microsoft has only managed to sell around 1.5 million first generation Surface tablets so far, which is around half of the company’s initial expectations, surely have made it reconsider form factors. Small tablets are beating bigger models in sales right now, so Microsoft’s move obviously makes sense. And we can hope that the smaller tablets will be cheaper than their bigger Surface siblings.

The new tablets will feature processors from both Intel and Nvidia, which mirrors the situation with the original devices. The Surface RT ships with an Nvidia ARM-based CPU, while the Surface Pro uses an Intel part. Components for around 1 million Intel powered 2nd generation Surface tablets have already been shipped. Since the Surface Pro has so far managed only around half a million sales, it’s clear that Microsoft hopes the smaller editions will be more successful.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • vasras

    Win8 Tabs won’t fly until they go for Windows 9 or Blue or whatever they are going to call it and fix all the annoyances in the current Win 8 for tablets.

    Maybe next year. maybe.

  • http://www.facebook.com/thisisnotmyemailaddressatall Gerald Dichiara Jr

    If Microsoft wants to be able to take away Market Share from Both Apple and Android, then Microsoft MUST get rid of WINDOWS RT! Also, what Microsoft can do to make their Tablets a LOT MORE APPEALING is to make them UPGRADEABLE! Let us be able to Upgrade the Storage from 64GB or 128GB to the SSD Size that Microsoft has on an Approved list of what’s compatible for that Tablet.

    When anyone buys a Computer, Laptop, or even a Netbook, we can UPGRADE THEM! When Will Microsoft do the Same for their Tablets?

    When Microsoft Builds and Sells ANY Tablet that the Customer can Upgrade the Storage, then Microsoft Will See an Increased Demand for their UPGRADEABLE TABLET, which Will be something that Will be Able to Help Microsoft take Away Market Share from Both Apple and Android.

    Microsoft; Make and Sell Tablets that Can Be Upgraded BEFORE Apple or Android do it. Don’t take a Back Seat and have them Keep being Leaders and You Following their lead!