New LG tablet coming this year

A couple of years ago, LG dabbled into the whole Android tablet thing, but not with great results. Not by any stretch of the imagination. The Optimus Pad was as uninspiring as LG’s smartphones were around the same time.

Recently though, the second largest Korean mobile device maker is experiencing a turnaround of sorts in the smartphone space. Sales are up, and the company has started producing some actually desirable models over the past few months. And now it looks like it’s ready to dive right back into the tablet world.


LG is working on a new tablet. This will be out later this year, possibly even as soon as in the third quarter (which is from July to September). The information comes from a report over at Details about any specs are completely missing, however. As is any mention of which operating system this tablet will run.

The Optimus Pad ran Android at a time when Android-based tablets were pretty rare. Now that Google’s mobile operating system is finally making inroads into the tablet market, perhaps it’s time for LG to try again. On the other hand, Microsoft would certainly be happy if LG decided to go with Windows RT, that company’s new tablet-oriented OS. Time will tell, but it definitely looks like the tablet market will get even more competitive later this year.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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