HTC First (AT&T’s Facebook phone) now costs $0.99. It couldn’t compete with Samsung’s Galaxy line and Apple’s cheap iPhones

HTC First, aka the long-rumored Facebook phone, was launched in the US on April 12 as an AT&T-exclusive device. The handset’s initial price was $99.99 on contract, or $450 off contract. Starting today, AT&T is selling it for just $0.99 on contract, or $350.99 sans agreement.

What made AT&T slash the price so drastically, after less than a month since the Facebook phone hit the shelves? The carrier won’t say. But it’s probably the fact that people are simply not interested in buying an HTC First. At $99 on contract, you have more attractive options, like the Samsung Galaxy S3, the rugged and water-resistant Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro, the iPhone 4S 16GB, or the Windows Phone 8-powered HTC 8X.

Now, at a mere $0.99, the First is definitely a desirable smartphone. After all, Facebook Home (its most publicized feature) can be disabled. Once you do that, you’re left with a stock Android Jelly Bean handset that offers a 4.3 inch HD display, LTE connectivity, dual-core 1.4GHz Snapdragon 400 processor, 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of non-expandable memory.

You can buy the HTC First here at AT&T, in black, white, blue, or red.

HTC First Facebook ATT 099

As some may know, AT&T, HTC and Facebook aren’t collaborating for the first time in launching an Android smartphone. They did it in 2011, too, when the QWERTY-equipped HTC Status was released. The Status is a renamed HTC ChaCha (launched under this name around the world), and it didn’t sell well, either.

Via Phone Arena, Android Police

Author: Florin

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