Apple’s next high-end iPhone might be called iPhone 6, not iPhone 5S

Apple’s iPhone launch history doesn’t include too many surprises. Looking at the 3G – 3GS and 4 – 4S models, now, after the iPhone 5 everyone expects to Cupertino company to introduce an iPhone 5S. However, the name of the new flagship smartphone from Apple could be iPhone 6.

British website has unveiled a screenshot that allegedly comes from a UK mobile operator, listing a “4G iPhone 6.”

If iPhone 6 is the name of the handset indeed, it means it will probably not be just a minor update to the 5S. And yet I doubt we’re going to see an iPhone with a display larger than 4 inches this year – so the major changes (if any) must be in other departments.

Apple iPhone 6 next 1

From what we’ve previously heard, a quad-core processor, more RAM, and enhanced cameras will almost certainly be included in the next-generation iPhone. On the software side, the smartphone will come with iOS 7, which might bring a serious facelift to the platform – which, let’s face it, hasn’t changed much throughout the years.

Whatever its final name will be, the iPhone 6 / 5S could make its debut worldwide in September. It might be joined by a cheaper new iPhone – especially designed by Apple for emerging markets.

Author: Florin

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  • Walter Raleigh

    Wrong! It will be called the Galaxy5.

  • Reginald Scott

    It’s good that Android has upped the game. It’s a good thing for the industry, especially Apple…

  • Conner

    Your so dumb that samsung we are talking about apple

  • angpet

    apple should come out with apple iphone 10 the soonest because frankly speaking no one gives a damn with apple iphone since its hardware is so antiquated and overly old as in circa 2006. VGA display, A5 dual core, IOS designed for single tasking only, and most of all made of cheap aluminuma nd cheap tempered glass yet so very overzillion times price for its manufacturing cost in Bangladesh cottage firms at US$35.00 [thirty five dollars] a piece.
    In Asia, iphones are being sold at the side street but nobody cares for it even as a paperweight because it leaks so badly with poisonous nickel cadmium battery.

  • benjod

    It is the iOS’s restrictiveness that people hate. Get rid of the stupid itunes. Encourage drag and drop. 16gb is ok if there is micro sd slot. Removable battery.