Amazon reportedly working on two Kindle phones, one to have 3D screen

An Amazon Kindle-branded smartphone has been making the rounds in rumorland for years now. Yet it’s nowhere to be seen just yet. Then again, Apple was said to be working on a tablet years before the iPad was actually unveiled (and the same goes for the iPhone), so simply because we’ve heard so many rumors about this over time, at least a bit of truth has to be in there somewhere.

Though if you were expecting one Amazon smartphone, you might be in for a surprise. The usually rather reliable Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon is developing not one, but two handsets alongside “an audio-only streaming device”. The information reportedly comes from “people familiar with the company’s plans”. What’s good about stuff originating at old media outlets such as the WSJ is that it comes from more than one person. You obviously still have to look at something like this, claimed by anonymous sources, with a pinch of salt, but you’ll need a much smaller amount of sodium than in the case of 100% unverified rumors coming from one source only (and we get dozens of those each week).


So here’s the kicker. Apparently the higher-end of the Amazon Kindle smartphone duo will feature a glasses-less 3D screen. Oh where have we heard this before? That’s right, 2011 called and it wants its gimmicky useless tech back. LG and HTC already tried the whole ‘smartphone with 3D screen’ thing and it definitely did not work out.

But maybe it will for Amazon. Although highly unlikely, it’s obviously not impossible. Maybe the retail giant will give you exclusive 3D content, such as movies. Or e-books? Who knows.

Oh, and one more thing. Eye tracking. Yes, you’ll be able to navigate through this device’s menus by just moving your eyes. It is interesting to note that ‘eye tracking’ is quickly becoming this year’s fad in the mobile world (wireless charging is so 2012!).

Amazon hopes that the 3D screen will help differentiate its offering from the competition (once again, tell that to LG and HTC please). And that’s all we know. Or rather, all we get from this report. There are no details about other specs for either device.

The two Amazon smartphones are in development, but it’s unclear right now whether one or both will actually make it to the market. Both of them could arrive in a few months, or just one, or neither – Amazon could just decide to shelve one or both for any number of reasons. So this certainly isn’t an indication that come holiday season you’ll be sporting a Kindle phone. But it is pretty clear that Amazon is at least seriously considering entering the smartphone world. And needless to say, it would be plenty interesting to see it there.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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