Dual SIM HTC One seen as desirable as Samsung Galaxy S4 in China

Released in China at the end of April, the HTC One that’s available there is different from the international version: it has dual SIM support, MicroSD card slot, and a removable back cover. All these, alongside the rest of its features, have made the One really successful in China.

While there are no sales numbers disclosed for now, Focus Taiwan / CNA is quoting TrendForce analyst Wilson Miao, who said that “the level of enthusiasm for the new HTC flagship device turned out to be a lot higher than anticipated.”

TrendForce has conducted a survey in late April, revealing that 45.1% of Chinese consumers were willing to buy an HTC One. A similar percent of customers were willing to buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 when this was released in China (also at the end of April). Of course, it’s a long way from “willing to buy” to actually buying a product, but it’s clear that HTC’s flagship is a bit of a threat to the Galaxy S4.

HTC One dual SIM China Samsung Galaxy S4

 Meanwhile, Samsung has reportedly sold more 6 million Galaxy S4 units around the world as of May 10. I doubt HTC One sales numbers are anywhere near that – but this doesn’t mean HTC won’t sell an important number of them throughout the year.

Author: Florin

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