Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition – stock Android phone very few will care about

Well, the last minute rumor about Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition with stock Android was true.

Google just announced that this new phone will be available on June 26th. It will have the latest version of clean Android, will receive the OS updates together with other Nexus phones, will have all the Galaxy S4 specs , including LTE, and will even come with unlocked bootloader.

That’s the good news.

The bad news – this Galaxy S4 is available only in the U.S. via Google Play, and it will cost $649 for 16GB version.

Galaxy S4 Google Edition

Even though this Samsung’s take of Galaxy S4 will work on T-mobile and AT&T, with no retail presence and carrier promotion – very few will want to buy it. And, frankly, there’s almost no reason to buy it, even if you are geeky enough to care about stock Android and prompt OS updates.

If you are, then you’ll just get AT&T’s SGS4 at 1/3 the price, quickly root and update it to the ROM you want. Or you will wait a few months, until Nexus 5 with even better specs comes out, and get it from Google Play for half the price.

Looks like my guess about the reason for Galaxy S4 Google Edition was spot on. It is just some sort of compromise for Samsung to get the latest Android version from Google, earliest, without offending smaller partners too much.

Neither Google nor Samsung is interested in selling this new “Nexus Experience” smartphone, or even pushing SGS4 GE to the developers. Heck, they didn’t care enough to include this Galaxy S4 among many Google I/O freebies…

Image credit: TheVerge

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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