Samsung shipped 4 million Galaxy S4 in 4 April days, 6 million by May 10th. On track to sell 10 million by May’s end

Everyone knew that Galaxy S4 will be a big seller for Samsung. Now we are starting to get some inklings of just how big it’ll be. And it seems, that with Galaxy S4, Samsung is getting into Apple’s kind of opening weekend sales territory.

According to Korea’s ChosunIlbo, who quotes an unnamed Samsung exec, they have shipped 4 million Galaxy S4s in 4 days between its launch on April 26th and the end of the month. After that initial batch, shipments slowed down a little – to 2 more million, for a total of six million SGS 4s shipped as of May 10th. But Samsung says they are well on track to sell 10 million of their flagship Galaxies by the end of May.

Samsung GAlaxy S4

Just for some context on growth of each new Galax Sx model – it took Samsung ~60 days to shift 10 million SGS3, and ~150 days to sell 10 million Galaxy S2. They will do the same amount of Galaxy S4 in about 30 days.

This year, Galaxy S4 launch sales did not yet catch up to Apple’s, which managed to move 5 million iPhone 5’ves over the opening weekend, but it is getting awfully close. And, as for the overall sales of flagship models, if Apple continues its leisurely iPhone release cycles, Galaxy S4 may actually displace iPhone 5 as the single most popular smartphone model, this fall.

Via ChosunIlbo

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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