Nokia compares its Lumia 925 to iPhone 5, Galaxy S4, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z (photography skills)

Nokia’s Lumia 925 is certainly a great camera phone – thanks to the company’s PureView technology, optical image stabilization, the new Smart Camera software, and the Carl Zeiss lens. But just how good is it, really? Well, Nokia claims it’s the best you can get, especially when it comes to low-light photography.

Nokia has posted some comparison shots “using the Nokia Lumia 925 and a number of its closest competitors.” Unsurprisingly, these competitors are Apple’s iPhone 5, Samsung’s Galaxy S4, HTC’s One, and Sony’s Xperia Z. The HTC One (which has a 4MP Ultrapixel camera) seems to have done the best job in the low-light conditions set up by Nokia, but it’s still not enough to beat the Lumia 925.

Nokia Lumia 925 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 iPhone 5 Sony Xperia Z

Nokia Lumia 925 vs Samsung Galaxy S4

Nokia Lumia 925 vs iPhone 5

Nokia Lumia 925 vs Sony Xperia Z

Nokia Lumia 925 vs HTC One

Nokia Lumia 925 low light photography

Smart Camera will be included in a future Windows Phone 8 software update (called Lumia Amber) for older Nokia handsets – like the Lumia 920 – so it’s not just Lumia 925 users who are going to enjoy its benefits.  For more details on the photography capabilities of the 925, go here and here at Nokia Conversation.

In the US, the Nokia Lumia 925 will be available exclusively at T-Mobile in the coming months. It will be released via multiple carriers in Europe and Asia (starting June), for about 469 Euros before taxes and subsidies.

Via Nokia (Facebook)

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