T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S III LTE and Galaxy Exhibit get purported release dates

Although it’s been rumored for many months now, T-Mobile’s upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III with LTE support still isn’t on sale. This despite the fact that at one point it was said to be out in March or April. Neither of those time frames have panned out, and here we are in May still waiting for an official release of the LTE-enabled Galaxy S III on the magenta carrier.

If you’re craving this device, you might not have to wait much longer. TmoNews has learned that June 5 is set to be the big day, the one on which the Samsung Galaxy S III LTE will become available at T-Mobile. If all goes according to plan, of course. Things could still change.

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Another new Samsung device headed to T-Mobile is the Galaxy Exhibit. And this one has also been in the leaks for quite a while. Well, it now seems it will be in stores pretty soon. On May 29, to be exact, which is in just nine days. This is a midranger, and it too was supposedly launching in late March. Needless to say, that hasn’t happened. So let’s hope this round of rumored release dates turns out to be right.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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