Nokia Eos with 41 MP camera is real and will be out in July, according to new rumors

Remember the Nokia Eos? Well, how could you forget, right? This is the phone that’s supposed to bring that insane 41 MP camera sensor first seen on the 808 PureView to Windows Phone. And so far we’ve heard about it countless times.

This isn’t even the first time we’ve heard about the fact that it will be released in July. But two different sources told two different websites some stuff about the Eos, so here goes. Keep in mind though that everything you’re about to read has ‘rumor’ status. For all we know, this could be the same person talking to two different sites, and he or she may just have a hyperactive imagination.

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With that out of the way, let’s get to it. Apparently the Eos will indeed come with a 41 MP sensor, though maximum picture size will be 34 MP. The handset will be made out of polycarbonate and will be “about as thick as the Lumia 920 in the middle”, but with tapered edges, so it might actually feel thinner. There will obviously be a camera bulge, but not a terribly big one. It will have Xenon flash, but interestingly it will be smaller than the one in the 808, as will be the lens too. It remains to be seen whether that’s due to advances in camera tech since the 808 PureView was developed, or Nokia simply decided to sacrifice some quality for size.

Next to the flash will sit a red focus assist light. In something that’s straight out of Nokia’s old Symbian portfolio, the camera is said to sport an automatic cover that opens when the camera app is started. Speaking of that app, it will be an entirely new one, called Nokia ProCamera, which will have on-screen circular dial controls, ‘DSLR-like sounds when you flick around the settings’, and a manual mode that allows you to, well, manually change every setting imaginable. The standard camera app will be available too.

Video recording will top out at 1080p Full HD, with three different frame rates possible both at this resolution and at 720p. The screen will be a 4.5-inch 768×1,280 unit, and the phone will be much lighter than the Lumia 920 (not that that’s at all hard).

The Eos should be in stores in the second week of July, more specifically the big date could be July 9. So – have you started counting down yet?

Via WMPoweruser and MobileGeeks

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • opteron opteron

    Start saving money now if you need one because it’s not going to sell for the price of a Lumia 521 that appears on Walmart!!!
    I bet it’s going to be more than $700.

  • Adam

    Most definitely yes.. I dished out 750$ for the 808…and I live in the States.

  • Stoli89

    IMHO, a thinner profile EOS means the sensor will probably be reduced to 22 to 26 MP, thereby reducing the processing overhead while still allowing for oversampling at 4:1 or 5:1. I suspect an N8 type Xenon would make more sense since the capacitor would be smaller than the dual unit on the 808, again supporting a slimmer lumia profile. I would also surmise a single LED for video/torch would also be next to the Xenon, in a similar manner to the 808 configuration. IMO, the smaller module might still allow for the full module OIS, as implemented on the 920/928/925. Just my thoughts…it’s all rumors until it’s announced…but I find it hard to believe Nokia will parallel the massive 808 spec on a mass market Lumia product.

  • Harry

    The above rumour suggests the inclusion of the 41mp sensor, xenon flash and a high resolution display of 768×1,280

    Hopefully there is a MicroSD slot to allow you to store all the high resolution photos and videos which can quickly and easily take up alot of space. I don’t want to hear excuses due to ‘unibody’ design or that you can simply sync your photos to cloud, or that ‘99.99%’ of people don’t use more than 16gb.

    Hopefully some of the other rumoured features are available too

    * FM Transmitter
    *Micro HDMI output
    *Stereo Rich Recording
    *Removable battery

  • Pieter De Greef

    I hope you’re right, but I have my doubts that it will be available before the fourth quarter.