Samsung Galaxy S4 arrives at Cricket on June 7

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is continuing its world tour, and throughout it more and more carriers everywhere are starting to offer it. Today’s entrant on the list is Cricket. While this particular company isn’t exactly selling Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone just yet, it had the courtesy of letting us know when it would start to do just that.

June 7 is the date you need to mark in your calendar if you’re a Cricket customer (or a prospective one) and are interested in the latest and greatest from the No.1 Android vendor. That’s when you’ll find the Samsung Galaxy S4 available online and in Cricket stores.

56765-Cricket-GS4-Front-BLK-J-Lock-Screen-original 56765-Cricket-GS4-Back-BLK-original

You’ll need to pay $599.99 to purchase the device outright. An alternative would be putting $54.99 down when you get it, then paying monthly installments after that.

The Galaxy S4 will work with Cricket’s nascent 4G LTE mobile network. You can pair it with a variety of plans starting at $50 per month. For example, for this amount you can get unlimited talk and text plus 1 GB of data.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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