SIM free Nokia Lumia 925 to be launched in the UK on June 12?

We already know that the Nokia Lumia 925 will be available in the UK (as well as in other markets) starting June. But now a British retailer has provided an exact launch day for the new handset: June 12.

The retailer is Digital Phone Company, and it’s asking £589.99 (about €693 or $895) for a SIM free Lumia 925. That’s definitely expensive, but the price will almost surely go down as the launch day gets closer. To pre-order the 925 from Digital Phone Company, go here. If you don’t want it SIM-free, various plans on Vodafone and T-Mobile are available (£42.00 pre month will get you a free 925).

Nokia Lumia 925 WP8 UK price launch date June 12

Nokia Lumia 925 WP8 UK price launch date June 12 2

O2 will sell the Nokia Lumia 925 in the UK, too, offering an exclusive white edition.

In Germany, the new Lumia might be available as soon as June 10. In the US, the Windows Phone 8 handset will be sold only via T-Mobile – most probably also staring June. We’ll report back when we have fresh details on this.

Via The Inquirer

Author: Florin

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  • thelondonthing

    You say June 12, but the site says July 12.